Raining or Not Raining?

Exercise: Write a short letter to a friend, telling him/her what the weather has been like recently.



64 Váci street,
Sunday 26th October

Dear Nikolay,

I met Sara last week and she told you started your thesis. If I remember correctly your title is “Climate changes in the near past.” So I thought I write a letter of my country weather and I hope I will help you.

Recently the weather was warmer than other years and the autumn delayed. The Indian summer was very long and very hot. And the last week was very rainy and cloudy. I think It isn’t normal. Fortunately we love this weather because it’s like spring.

When the Hungarian weather prophets usually told something than the weather did a completely other thing. So we don’t know worth to watch weather forecast.

What do you think of the Hungarian autumn? Will it be normal ever or this will be normal? I hope this is a temporary time in my country.

And do you believe of weather prophets or already you don’t too? I can’t decide they are swindlers or just neither they know what do they do?

Well, that’s all for now. Take care. Best regard.