I can’t enhance

Jango FatI am writing HW again. But now I try  something new.

I have a rabbit. Who name is Jango Fat. I think I will be a little creative and I am telling a story of her perspective. You can see her on the picture.

A horroristic hot day for a big-eared!

I’m a little rabbit and I would like to tell a story when I visited my owner relatives. It was a terrible travel but the outcome was wonderful.

It was a normal morning for me. I saw that something was wrong on my owners but I didn’t think It was my problem. But the end came to light that they planned something against me. They put me in a very little box. Where just I fitted in and a little hay. “I love the hay! It is delicious!” They packaged all of my things and always telling for me. I didn’t understand it, just I felt it was relaxing. When they finished the packing we started. Out on the road was very hot and the sun shone continuously. We sat in a big metal box which was yellow. I sat in front of the yellow box and the filing was horroristic because everything was moving all-round me. I always felt a big force which pushed me to the wall of my little box. And my torture didn’t finish here.

When we carried go out the big yellow box immediately we get on a big blue cuboid form box. Where the weather was perfect. But when I finally calmed down, everything changed. It became warmer and warmer and warmer. And It had torrid in few minutes. I was put in the soup by my owners. I didn’t see the expedient. Fortunately my owners saw my problem and they ran my help. They brought a hanky with cold water to my ears and they started fanning me. It helped me. It was life saving for me. The travel in the blue box was a little long but I didn’t bored.

When implemented we arrived the our destination. I amazed for the view. Where I was just seeing was meadow. It was my dream. And the coming days I always was running around out of the mead.

Unfortunately I had to come home.