My present in English

What I do nowadays?

I started a studyipast-present-future-ng program two weeks ago. This program formed as some people can get degree. Because in my country only can receive degree, who have a language exam. As I haven’t it, so I need a way to get it. And I selected this program. This program name in Hungarian is “DiplomaMentő” and in English is “DegreeSaver”.

The access in this program was difficult, because much people signed in and only half of these got into. When we tried get into we had to do an exam and this was hard. It was similar what I need language exam. Fortunately It managed for me.

So I am going an English language school in my weekdays and I am doing everything that I advancement everyday.

My next post will be written in “My future plans” or “I used studying technics” topics.