Hacking – The Second

Language-Hacking-Guide-CoverCertainly you remember that I read the Language Hacking Guide. This book gave some exercise for me. And I did these.

I am skipping the first because it isn’t written exercise. So I am starting the second.

The exercise exact text’s:

Define precisely (in at least 3 paragraphs, preferably more) what your targets in your language project are. (e.g. Watch a movie in two months: define how much you plan to understand of the movie. Converse with a native in 6 months: define exactly what you would like to be able to chat about. Read a book over the summer: Define how much time you would like to be spending per page and how little of the dictionary you would like to use) The more precise details and definitions, the better!

And my solution:

The second worksheet

What my plans in the future whit English?

Now I don’t know it exactly so I just try specify it.

The first I would like take an intermediate exam, because it’s need for my degree. But I don’t like finished here, because I know myself. And I wit that I will forget everything what I learned.

So I choose some target for me. That I won’t forget anything.

I try use it every day. And when I use it I try learn something new. Because it is still few for this worksheet I do their instructions. The firs it is that I don’t use “would like” only “want”

So I want read an English book with my phone dictionary even in this year. For example the Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. Because I started it.

And I want understand my favorite English season without Hungarian subtitle at the beginning of next year. For example the Sons of Anarchy. But it is a little difficult because they are using a lot of slang.

And last I want speak a native English speaker fluently for usually things when I pass the exam and for my profession at the middle of next year. Because when I’ll found a job I want use English there. And it’s true that I won’t use it fluently for my profession in first time, but I hope I’ll developed fast.