We are cooking!

I was assigned that I wrote of my favourite recipe. So this is my writhing:

The peasants’ food is the finest

My favourite food is French onion soup. I don’t know how to make this soup. Because I didn’t Onion soupmake this yet jut my mother made for me. But I try collect my memory pictures of when my mother made this and write a good recipe.

What do I know surely? I think I know ingredients. We need a lot of red onion, steal bread, cheese, cream and water. The spices are pepper, salt, bay leaf and a little garlic. I know this soup is made more version but I know a simple. So I don’t use wine, beef stock and others.

How I would make my onion soup If we take I saw my mother countless times when she made. I think first I cook all of onion in water whit spices and when onion become soft. I put in cream and I mix it. During this boil I prepare the others. I put one layer bread in a heat-resistant glass bowl. Onto this layer I rasp a thick cheese layer and I strew it whit pepper. When onion is ready I pour this soup to the glass bowl onto bread and cheese layers. After I put this in oven until the top isn’t flush.

When we serve this soup we pick from all layers. And if we love, we could strew whit cheese.

I love this version, because the onion is sweet and the pepper is racy. I know this Onion soup version is common and isn’t made the nowadays fashionable expensive ingredients. But I think in fact the onion soup is peasants’ food so I wouldn’t use genteel things.