Raining or Not Raining?

Exercise: Write a short letter to a friend, telling him/her what the weather has been like recently.



64 Váci street,
Sunday 26th October

Dear Nikolay,

I met Sara last week and she told you started your thesis. If I remember correctly your title is “Climate changes in the near past.” So I thought I write a letter of my country weather and I hope I will help you.

Recently the weather was warmer than other years and the autumn delayed. The Indian summer was very long and very hot. And the last week was very rainy and cloudy. I think It isn’t normal. Fortunately we love this weather because it’s like spring.

When the Hungarian weather prophets usually told something than the weather did a completely other thing. So we don’t know worth to watch weather forecast.

What do you think of the Hungarian autumn? Will it be normal ever or this will be normal? I hope this is a temporary time in my country.

And do you believe of weather prophets or already you don’t too? I can’t decide they are swindlers or just neither they know what do they do?

Well, that’s all for now. Take care. Best regard.




I made a new homework. You can read hear.

Hungarian Cuisine

I think this cuisine is hard, fatty, spicy, and little disgusting for a foreign person. Because usually Hungarian people say it. But I love our cuisine.

Hungarian cuisine

Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products and etc.

We usually don’t have starter just sometimes. So we don’t have a lot of traditional starter recipe. For example I just know three: “Hortobágyi húsos palacsinta” (This is an salty pancakes within minced meat with stew gravy and sour cream.) “Goose liver” (We make this slow roasted in a clay bowl.) and “Duck pate” (This is an spicy food but very tasty.)

We have a lot of traditional soup variant. For example “Goulash” (This is an interesting food. Because It is made differently way in every landscape.), “Fish soup” (We have two main version of this food. Bajai and Szegedi. The main difference is pasta because pasta is in Bajai fish soup. Of course there are more differences.), “Meat soup” (This is a simple recipe whit a lot of vegetable and meat mainly chicken or veal.) and much more.

Our specialty are main courses. We have a lot of stew version. Meat stew vegetable stew. For example “Chicken paprikash”, “Veal stew”, “Nail stew” (This isn’t a horror film title. This is made from pig feet.), “Peas stew”, “Cauliflower stew”, “Potato paprikash”, “Lecsó” (This is a vegetable stew with sweet paprika, tomato, hot paprika, onion, and sometimes egg). These are made whit red paprika.

We love “Stuffed cabbage” and it has a several versions too. It is made whit sour or sweet cabbage, pork or veal and red paprika or tomato juice.

And we make “Stuffed paprika”. It is made whit sweet yellow paprika, pork or veal and tomato juice. This usually is sweet.

We make much pasta version. For example “Cabbage with pasta” (It is made sweet or salty version. In salty version we use pepper.), “Cottage cheese with pasta” (It is made sweet or salty version too. But in salty version we use roasted bacon).

And because we love our bellies. Of course We make sweets and cakes. For example “Dobos cake” (It is made sponge cake layered with chocolate paste and glazed with caramel and nuts.) and “Rigó Jancsi” (It is a Cube-shaped sponge cake with dark chocolate glaze).

And in the end you can see a few videos of a Japanese girl who tried a lot of Hungarian food:


I read homework again

Sorry my late post, just I didn’t have any free time.

Now I read my homework composition again and I like share whit you.

The pros and cons of school uniform

School UniformI don’t know the answers because It’s not problem in my country. Our schools a high percentage of don’t use uniform, but it is few institute where they are wearing it. So I read some articles in this topic.

For example I read one in the OccupyTheory. Where they made a list pros and cons. I based my essay for this list.

First we are seeing the advantages of the school uniform:

  • The school uniforms costs less as compared to preferred clothing of the child.
    I agree with this because I know that the fashionable brans are very expensive. And I think from uniform don’t need so many than the other clothing because it isn’t high diversity.
  • Students reduce the pressure of deciding what dress to wear each morning to going to school.
    I absolutely agree with this because I remember my childhood in the school. And I always felt pressure when I was trying a new garment. Whether how will my classmates respond? And usually I didn’t guess it. So I am completely experiencing it.
  • School uniforms improve student’s attendance.
    I don’t judge it. Therefor may be in some truth because the students don’t try hang out from the school that they’ll go to a shopping center.
  • School uniforms decreases the possibility of violence within the school premises.
    I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s the most important aspect. Nowadays the violence is much more than the past. When I was going the school, the fray was everyday. But I didn’t hear such things from my brother who is fifteen years older than me. And this was a half because what we wore.

And we are seeing the disadvantages:

  • Uniforms detract the student’s individuality.
    I don’t thing that’s true because there is some example for the opposite but there is one outstanding. This is the Oxford University because they prescribe the uniform in the school and they were forming the biggest minds in the world. For example Sir Walter Raleigh, William Gladstone, J.R.R. Tolkien and etc.
  • School uniforms are a financial burden to low income families.
    I think it’s true but the low incomes families can receive some support for their child schooling.
  • A child wearing uniform can be the target for bullying of students from different schools.
    I don’t know this because what I saw in the essay beginning, But I think it’s a smaller problem than the violence the other schools.
  • Enforcing rules to wearing school uniforms is extremely difficult, especially to public schools.
    I agree with it. I think that is why aren’t so many school in my country where the students wear uniform.

Thanks you for your time and see you later.

PS.: I would like to shear with you a joke.

Two man talking on the street.
The first saying: – Nowadays I have a diet.
The second answer: – What kind of diet?1st: It’s a seafood diet.
2nd: – And what are you eating in this diet?
1st: – Everything what I see.

😀 Thank you again!