I am the teachers dream!


Because I did my homework. 🙂
We usually get a lot of homework but these don’t problem for me. Just the composition because I am not the words man. So sometimes I blocked and I couldn’t  continue my writing.
But now I can do this and I finished my composition. You can read it here:

“My dream house!Dream-House-2011-Movie-Logo

It is a difficult question because I do not know really. But I try described it.

I like the nature. So I would like a house near it. When I imagine my house, I see a lot of tree and mountains. Probably this is my dream base. For example I thing The Bosvilla Soest is looks very good. This house was designed by Zecc Architecten. It is very modern island in a Netherland forest. I can imagine that I live there. But this building is not completely my dream home, because I think the outside of the house is too modern for me. Fortunately a lot of designer have some project in the forest.

Another example The Lofted Forest home. This is a mixture of nature and modern elements. The designer who created this super building is Rover Harvey Oshatz. This house is closer of my dream, because the outside of the building is such as if torn from nature and the inside is modern and comfortable. I think it is very important in my dream house.

The last example for my dream is The Hobbit house. I adore those forms which this house model represent. This building is part of the nature which surround and as if together have been borne. The inside does not matter because it could be modern, antique or ancient. It befit there. But I would like the inside will be modern because I am a modern man.

In addition I opine important that my dream house will be a passive house. That I protect the nature and my wallet. As the passive houses overheads is cheaper than the normal houses, because It have a lot of system which can hold the temperature in a normal level and can produce energy for the household. So I will be able to live cheaper than now.”

Thank you for reading my composition and helping me for I am better.

I think I will share for you my every composition what I get in homework.