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Public transportI wrote a new HW.

Exercise: Public transport in Budapest: Are you satisfied?

I’m the satisfaction!

I seriously satisfied for my city’s public transport. When I was in one other city, I didn’t meet batter than this. For example some city don’t have night network, but it is very important for the city’s night life. Our public transport isn’t the best in the world because there are some batter. But I think It is in the competition of the best.


Because the network is very big, fast, detailed, transparent and easy. It isn’t a place in the city center where you can’t find one bus stop in five minute. And any metro lines you can go through the city in three-quarters of an hour. And if you would like to go out of the city, you could choose any railway station or any bus station where the metros stop.

The railway stations divide the country to three part. These are the west, the east and the south. The bust stations aren’t such organized, but there are everywhere in the city.

As I mentioned yet. My city has a good night public transport network. And why is it good? Because It has all night and go almost everywhere where the daytime network. So we needn’t have pay a taxi at night.

Our public transport has just one problem. The vehicles are very old so often they are brake down, mainly the trolleys. Fortunately nowadays this problem is resolved because we buy more and more new vehicles.

I think It will happen that it will be the best public transport all of the world.


Thank you that you read my work. Pleas If you saw anything fault in my essay, you would correct me in a comment.