Brain train or Mindless train

We got a reading homework about a British movement which try invigorate the studying on the trains. The movement’s name is “Brain train”.

Exercise: Do you think the brain train would be practical or popular in your country?


The “Brain train” why is good or not good for us?

I think it isn’t good for my country in this form. But the idea will be very good whit a little amendment.

The first problem is the trains’ way isn’t so long. So the time on the train is short.
On my opinion the solution is the very short lectures about 5-10 minute.

The second problem is uninteresting Hungarian people. Because the average people from the country side is happy if everybody leave them alone.
My solution for this that we use the young town people and give them the opportunity.

So we try import this in the city. For example on the metros.

Because the short lectures was created by the TED. We can listen them everywhere and any language because some people translate them.

So just we should make them interested and we have to make a form that everybody can use it. For example a board in every metro carriage where everybody can see these. When they go to work or school.

But the accurate solution will be in front of us.