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Public transportI wrote a new HW.

Exercise: Public transport in Budapest: Are you satisfied?

I’m the satisfaction!

I seriously satisfied for my city’s public transport. When I was in one other city, I didn’t meet batter than this. For example some city don’t have night network, but it is very important for the city’s night life. Our public transport isn’t the best in the world because there are some batter. But I think It is in the competition of the best.


Because the network is very big, fast, detailed, transparent and easy. It isn’t a place in the city center where you can’t find one bus stop in five minute. And any metro lines you can go through the city in three-quarters of an hour. And if you would like to go out of the city, you could choose any railway station or any bus station where the metros stop.

The railway stations divide the country to three part. These are the west, the east and the south. The bust stations aren’t such organized, but there are everywhere in the city.

As I mentioned yet. My city has a good night public transport network. And why is it good? Because It has all night and go almost everywhere where the daytime network. So we needn’t have pay a taxi at night.

Our public transport has just one problem. The vehicles are very old so often they are brake down, mainly the trolleys. Fortunately nowadays this problem is resolved because we buy more and more new vehicles.

I think It will happen that it will be the best public transport all of the world.


Thank you that you read my work. Pleas If you saw anything fault in my essay, you would correct me in a comment.


I can’t enhance

Jango FatI am writing HW again. But now I try  something new.

I have a rabbit. Who name is Jango Fat. I think I will be a little creative and I am telling a story of her perspective. You can see her on the picture.

A horroristic hot day for a big-eared!

I’m a little rabbit and I would like to tell a story when I visited my owner relatives. It was a terrible travel but the outcome was wonderful.

It was a normal morning for me. I saw that something was wrong on my owners but I didn’t think It was my problem. But the end came to light that they planned something against me. They put me in a very little box. Where just I fitted in and a little hay. “I love the hay! It is delicious!” They packaged all of my things and always telling for me. I didn’t understand it, just I felt it was relaxing. When they finished the packing we started. Out on the road was very hot and the sun shone continuously. We sat in a big metal box which was yellow. I sat in front of the yellow box and the filing was horroristic because everything was moving all-round me. I always felt a big force which pushed me to the wall of my little box. And my torture didn’t finish here.

When we carried go out the big yellow box immediately we get on a big blue cuboid form box. Where the weather was perfect. But when I finally calmed down, everything changed. It became warmer and warmer and warmer. And It had torrid in few minutes. I was put in the soup by my owners. I didn’t see the expedient. Fortunately my owners saw my problem and they ran my help. They brought a hanky with cold water to my ears and they started fanning me. It helped me. It was life saving for me. The travel in the blue box was a little long but I didn’t bored.

When implemented we arrived the our destination. I amazed for the view. Where I was just seeing was meadow. It was my dream. And the coming days I always was running around out of the mead.

Unfortunately I had to come home.

Hacking – The Second

Language-Hacking-Guide-CoverCertainly you remember that I read the Language Hacking Guide. This book gave some exercise for me. And I did these.

I am skipping the first because it isn’t written exercise. So I am starting the second.

The exercise exact text’s:

Define precisely (in at least 3 paragraphs, preferably more) what your targets in your language project are. (e.g. Watch a movie in two months: define how much you plan to understand of the movie. Converse with a native in 6 months: define exactly what you would like to be able to chat about. Read a book over the summer: Define how much time you would like to be spending per page and how little of the dictionary you would like to use) The more precise details and definitions, the better!

And my solution:

The second worksheet

What my plans in the future whit English?

Now I don’t know it exactly so I just try specify it.

The first I would like take an intermediate exam, because it’s need for my degree. But I don’t like finished here, because I know myself. And I wit that I will forget everything what I learned.

So I choose some target for me. That I won’t forget anything.

I try use it every day. And when I use it I try learn something new. Because it is still few for this worksheet I do their instructions. The firs it is that I don’t use “would like” only “want”

So I want read an English book with my phone dictionary even in this year. For example the Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. Because I started it.

And I want understand my favorite English season without Hungarian subtitle at the beginning of next year. For example the Sons of Anarchy. But it is a little difficult because they are using a lot of slang.

And last I want speak a native English speaker fluently for usually things when I pass the exam and for my profession at the middle of next year. Because when I’ll found a job I want use English there. And it’s true that I won’t use it fluently for my profession in first time, but I hope I’ll developed fast.


I read homework again

Sorry my late post, just I didn’t have any free time.

Now I read my homework composition again and I like share whit you.

The pros and cons of school uniform

School UniformI don’t know the answers because It’s not problem in my country. Our schools a high percentage of don’t use uniform, but it is few institute where they are wearing it. So I read some articles in this topic.

For example I read one in the OccupyTheory. Where they made a list pros and cons. I based my essay for this list.

First we are seeing the advantages of the school uniform:

  • The school uniforms costs less as compared to preferred clothing of the child.
    I agree with this because I know that the fashionable brans are very expensive. And I think from uniform don’t need so many than the other clothing because it isn’t high diversity.
  • Students reduce the pressure of deciding what dress to wear each morning to going to school.
    I absolutely agree with this because I remember my childhood in the school. And I always felt pressure when I was trying a new garment. Whether how will my classmates respond? And usually I didn’t guess it. So I am completely experiencing it.
  • School uniforms improve student’s attendance.
    I don’t judge it. Therefor may be in some truth because the students don’t try hang out from the school that they’ll go to a shopping center.
  • School uniforms decreases the possibility of violence within the school premises.
    I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s the most important aspect. Nowadays the violence is much more than the past. When I was going the school, the fray was everyday. But I didn’t hear such things from my brother who is fifteen years older than me. And this was a half because what we wore.

And we are seeing the disadvantages:

  • Uniforms detract the student’s individuality.
    I don’t thing that’s true because there is some example for the opposite but there is one outstanding. This is the Oxford University because they prescribe the uniform in the school and they were forming the biggest minds in the world. For example Sir Walter Raleigh, William Gladstone, J.R.R. Tolkien and etc.
  • School uniforms are a financial burden to low income families.
    I think it’s true but the low incomes families can receive some support for their child schooling.
  • A child wearing uniform can be the target for bullying of students from different schools.
    I don’t know this because what I saw in the essay beginning, But I think it’s a smaller problem than the violence the other schools.
  • Enforcing rules to wearing school uniforms is extremely difficult, especially to public schools.
    I agree with it. I think that is why aren’t so many school in my country where the students wear uniform.

Thanks you for your time and see you later.

PS.: I would like to shear with you a joke.

Two man talking on the street.
The first saying: – Nowadays I have a diet.
The second answer: – What kind of diet?1st: It’s a seafood diet.
2nd: – And what are you eating in this diet?
1st: – Everything what I see.

😀 Thank you again!


I am the teachers dream!


Because I did my homework. 🙂
We usually get a lot of homework but these don’t problem for me. Just the composition because I am not the words man. So sometimes I blocked and I couldn’t  continue my writing.
But now I can do this and I finished my composition. You can read it here:

“My dream house!Dream-House-2011-Movie-Logo

It is a difficult question because I do not know really. But I try described it.

I like the nature. So I would like a house near it. When I imagine my house, I see a lot of tree and mountains. Probably this is my dream base. For example I thing The Bosvilla Soest is looks very good. This house was designed by Zecc Architecten. It is very modern island in a Netherland forest. I can imagine that I live there. But this building is not completely my dream home, because I think the outside of the house is too modern for me. Fortunately a lot of designer have some project in the forest.

Another example The Lofted Forest home. This is a mixture of nature and modern elements. The designer who created this super building is Rover Harvey Oshatz. This house is closer of my dream, because the outside of the building is such as if torn from nature and the inside is modern and comfortable. I think it is very important in my dream house.

The last example for my dream is The Hobbit house. I adore those forms which this house model represent. This building is part of the nature which surround and as if together have been borne. The inside does not matter because it could be modern, antique or ancient. It befit there. But I would like the inside will be modern because I am a modern man.

In addition I opine important that my dream house will be a passive house. That I protect the nature and my wallet. As the passive houses overheads is cheaper than the normal houses, because It have a lot of system which can hold the temperature in a normal level and can produce energy for the household. So I will be able to live cheaper than now.”

Thank you for reading my composition and helping me for I am better.

I think I will share for you my every composition what I get in homework.

My present in English

What I do nowadays?

I started a studyipast-present-future-ng program two weeks ago. This program formed as some people can get degree. Because in my country only can receive degree, who have a language exam. As I haven’t it, so I need a way to get it. And I selected this program. This program name in Hungarian is “DiplomaMentő” and in English is “DegreeSaver”.

The access in this program was difficult, because much people signed in and only half of these got into. When we tried get into we had to do an exam and this was hard. It was similar what I need language exam. Fortunately It managed for me.

So I am going an English language school in my weekdays and I am doing everything that I advancement everyday.

My next post will be written in “My future plans” or “I used studying technics” topics.