I can’t choose and you?

This is my next homework. I hop you will enjoy it.

Exercise: Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Do you agree?

The life is a great mystery!

I don’t know really which is true, so I read on the internet in this theme. And I was surprised Vegetarian vs. Meat eaterthat everywhere they wrote “The vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters.”. I am highlighting some example from these web pages. 1st” “2nd” “3rd

The pages usually referred to medical researches. So I believe in them.

  • Vegetarians visit their doctors more often and are more prone to allergies.
    I know causes of allergic because I have too. When I knew that I had allergic, I looked for why. So I found some potential and it was among these vegetarianism. It’s true that I never was vegetarian so I rejected this version. But now I know this cause.
  • They also have ‘a 50% increased risk of both heart attacks and cancer’.
    This problem is surprising for me. Because I thought these are for there to we eat a lot of fast foods, fatty foods and little vitamin. And this turned out that who eat healthier foods they have more increased risk.
  • They are also more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders.
    It is clear for me. Because everybody know “Who eats a good that will be happy!”. So I think “The dog is buried here.”. OK! I know the problem is difficultly just I think it is an important viewpoint.
  • But vegetarians tend to be more active and less likely to drink and smoke.
    It is the biggest truth leastwise I think. But it doesn’t help lot because the cancer attack everybody. You can be cancerous when you never smoke or you never eat chemical food. Because The air, water and plans are contaminated in the cities and unfortunately sometimes in country sides.

So I think does not matter that we are a vegetarian or a meat eater. Just It matter we enjoy the life and feel good.


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