Raining or Not Raining?

Exercise: Write a short letter to a friend, telling him/her what the weather has been like recently.



64 Váci street,
Sunday 26th October

Dear Nikolay,

I met Sara last week and she told you started your thesis. If I remember correctly your title is “Climate changes in the near past.” So I thought I write a letter of my country weather and I hope I will help you.

Recently the weather was warmer than other years and the autumn delayed. The Indian summer was very long and very hot. And the last week was very rainy and cloudy. I think It isn’t normal. Fortunately we love this weather because it’s like spring.

When the Hungarian weather prophets usually told something than the weather did a completely other thing. So we don’t know worth to watch weather forecast.

What do you think of the Hungarian autumn? Will it be normal ever or this will be normal? I hope this is a temporary time in my country.

And do you believe of weather prophets or already you don’t too? I can’t decide they are swindlers or just neither they know what do they do?

Well, that’s all for now. Take care. Best regard.



I can’t choose and you?

This is my next homework. I hop you will enjoy it.

Exercise: Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Do you agree?

The life is a great mystery!

I don’t know really which is true, so I read on the internet in this theme. And I was surprised Vegetarian vs. Meat eaterthat everywhere they wrote “The vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters.”. I am highlighting some example from these web pages. 1st” “2nd” “3rd

The pages usually referred to medical researches. So I believe in them.

  • Vegetarians visit their doctors more often and are more prone to allergies.
    I know causes of allergic because I have too. When I knew that I had allergic, I looked for why. So I found some potential and it was among these vegetarianism. It’s true that I never was vegetarian so I rejected this version. But now I know this cause.
  • They also have ‘a 50% increased risk of both heart attacks and cancer’.
    This problem is surprising for me. Because I thought these are for there to we eat a lot of fast foods, fatty foods and little vitamin. And this turned out that who eat healthier foods they have more increased risk.
  • They are also more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders.
    It is clear for me. Because everybody know “Who eats a good that will be happy!”. So I think “The dog is buried here.”. OK! I know the problem is difficultly just I think it is an important viewpoint.
  • But vegetarians tend to be more active and less likely to drink and smoke.
    It is the biggest truth leastwise I think. But it doesn’t help lot because the cancer attack everybody. You can be cancerous when you never smoke or you never eat chemical food. Because The air, water and plans are contaminated in the cities and unfortunately sometimes in country sides.

So I think does not matter that we are a vegetarian or a meat eater. Just It matter we enjoy the life and feel good.


We are cooking!

I was assigned that I wrote of my favourite recipe. So this is my writhing:

The peasants’ food is the finest

My favourite food is French onion soup. I don’t know how to make this soup. Because I didn’t Onion soupmake this yet jut my mother made for me. But I try collect my memory pictures of when my mother made this and write a good recipe.

What do I know surely? I think I know ingredients. We need a lot of red onion, steal bread, cheese, cream and water. The spices are pepper, salt, bay leaf and a little garlic. I know this soup is made more version but I know a simple. So I don’t use wine, beef stock and others.

How I would make my onion soup If we take I saw my mother countless times when she made. I think first I cook all of onion in water whit spices and when onion become soft. I put in cream and I mix it. During this boil I prepare the others. I put one layer bread in a heat-resistant glass bowl. Onto this layer I rasp a thick cheese layer and I strew it whit pepper. When onion is ready I pour this soup to the glass bowl onto bread and cheese layers. After I put this in oven until the top isn’t flush.

When we serve this soup we pick from all layers. And if we love, we could strew whit cheese.

I love this version, because the onion is sweet and the pepper is racy. I know this Onion soup version is common and isn’t made the nowadays fashionable expensive ingredients. But I think in fact the onion soup is peasants’ food so I wouldn’t use genteel things.



I made a new homework. You can read hear.

Hungarian Cuisine

I think this cuisine is hard, fatty, spicy, and little disgusting for a foreign person. Because usually Hungarian people say it. But I love our cuisine.

Hungarian cuisine

Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products and etc.

We usually don’t have starter just sometimes. So we don’t have a lot of traditional starter recipe. For example I just know three: “Hortobágyi húsos palacsinta” (This is an salty pancakes within minced meat with stew gravy and sour cream.) “Goose liver” (We make this slow roasted in a clay bowl.) and “Duck pate” (This is an spicy food but very tasty.)

We have a lot of traditional soup variant. For example “Goulash” (This is an interesting food. Because It is made differently way in every landscape.), “Fish soup” (We have two main version of this food. Bajai and Szegedi. The main difference is pasta because pasta is in Bajai fish soup. Of course there are more differences.), “Meat soup” (This is a simple recipe whit a lot of vegetable and meat mainly chicken or veal.) and much more.

Our specialty are main courses. We have a lot of stew version. Meat stew vegetable stew. For example “Chicken paprikash”, “Veal stew”, “Nail stew” (This isn’t a horror film title. This is made from pig feet.), “Peas stew”, “Cauliflower stew”, “Potato paprikash”, “Lecsó” (This is a vegetable stew with sweet paprika, tomato, hot paprika, onion, and sometimes egg). These are made whit red paprika.

We love “Stuffed cabbage” and it has a several versions too. It is made whit sour or sweet cabbage, pork or veal and red paprika or tomato juice.

And we make “Stuffed paprika”. It is made whit sweet yellow paprika, pork or veal and tomato juice. This usually is sweet.

We make much pasta version. For example “Cabbage with pasta” (It is made sweet or salty version. In salty version we use pepper.), “Cottage cheese with pasta” (It is made sweet or salty version too. But in salty version we use roasted bacon).

And because we love our bellies. Of course We make sweets and cakes. For example “Dobos cake” (It is made sponge cake layered with chocolate paste and glazed with caramel and nuts.) and “Rigó Jancsi” (It is a Cube-shaped sponge cake with dark chocolate glaze).

And in the end you can see a few videos of a Japanese girl who tried a lot of Hungarian food:


I changed my opinion of this blog, because I don’t know what I do in the future. So I decided I just will post of my compositions. Which I write for the language school and sometimes other themes.

And I hope you’ll help me whit your comments.

But I started my professional blog. Which I read in English and Hungarian. You can read here.Logo2

The blog’s name is SENSATE NEWS. It is a combination of letters. The correct form is SEcurity NSAfety TEchnology NEWS. Because mainly themes are safety technology, security, innovation, meetups, startups and etc.

I am waiting you with love!


Brain train or Mindless train

We got a reading homework about a British movement which try invigorate the studying on the trains. The movement’s name is “Brain train”.

Exercise: Do you think the brain train would be practical or popular in your country?


The “Brain train” why is good or not good for us?

I think it isn’t good for my country in this form. But the idea will be very good whit a little amendment.

The first problem is the trains’ way isn’t so long. So the time on the train is short.
On my opinion the solution is the very short lectures about 5-10 minute.

The second problem is uninteresting Hungarian people. Because the average people from the country side is happy if everybody leave them alone.
My solution for this that we use the young town people and give them the opportunity.

So we try import this in the city. For example on the metros.

Because the short lectures was created by the TED. We can listen them everywhere and any language because some people translate them.

So just we should make them interested and we have to make a form that everybody can use it. For example a board in every metro carriage where everybody can see these. When they go to work or school.

But the accurate solution will be in front of us.


The trains


My next homework exercise: My favourite form of transport

Have fun with it!

The trains are a miracle!

I like the trains. And I think this is because I am an engineer. We engineers have an other types of brain. We love the difficult machines. This was in childhood every boy. Just it changes in time or not. And who don’t they will be the engineers.

I see the little boys when looks a train. They can’t take your eyes on this. I don’t know why is this love, just it is. So I think the trains are a miracle things.

Because these are very changeable. They could be goods trains and passenger trains. The engines could be steam locomotive, diesel engine, electric locomotive or maglev. The carriages could be antique passenger or new. The wagons could transport grain, oil, animals, any kind of foods, building materials, constructions debris, large objects for example airplane components or even a whole house. There are dinkey which could be tram-road, children dinkey, forest railway. The trains could be slow or very fast. The slowest forest train usually can go 30-35 km/h, the fastest maglev can go 518 km/h which name is JR-Maglev MLX01. And we can find they everywhere the mainland from the lowest valley to the highest mountains. For example the Joungfrau railway has the highest railway station in Europe. It is on 3454m. And we can find really short or very long rails from few kilometres to the Trans-Siberian Railway. Which is the longest railway in the world. The length is 9288 km.

And there are very famous routes or trains. I make mention just some:

  • Arctic Circle Express: This rout is in Norway. We can see the longest fjord in the world. And when we travel summer, we can experienced the “Midnight Sun’s Land”.
  • The Machu Picchu train: It is in Peru. It go through the Andes where we can see the vanished Inca civilization’s lost city the renowned Machu Picchu.
  • The Orient Express: It plied from Paris to Istanbul in the golden ages, but now It ply from Strasburg to Vienna.

We Hungarians can be proud to some our engine (These real name is Werbelok. The name’s meaning “commercial engine”):

  • Gold team locomotive: It made for the Gold team’s 58th2014_10_12_02
  • GYSEV locomotive: It made for the GYSEV 140th birthday2014_10_12_03
  • Sisi locomotive: It made for Elizabeth (Sisi) Hungarian Queen’s 175th anniversarySONY DSC
  • Haydn locomotive: It made for Haydn’s 200th birthday2014_10_12_05
  • Széchenyi locomotive: It made in Szechenyi memorial year (2010)2014_10_12_06
  • Liszt locomotive: It made for Liszt Ferenc’s 199th anniversary2014_10_12_07

So I believe “The trains are a miracle!”